Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Lets skip today!

It was a 'smurf' of a day.
So we are concentrating on:
5 Thankful things about today?

1-The green trees
(Mr. Clark's fav.)
On our way home from our adventure with the team at Fresinius, Mr Clark was noticing the beautiful among the dry yellow scorched state.
2-The heat...
Mr Clark appreciated the triple digit day!
Now Kansas holds a state record of 51 days in the 100's. Mr. Clark has the uncontrolable shakes and shivers. Wobbly legs too. It is frightening.
We discovered it was not only the dehydration from the Hemo, but also the med for restless leg.  Problem solved.
3-Daddo Mac,
Mr. C's lifesafer of love and positive vibes!
After a horrible day. Discouragement set in. (Very unusual for him) At midnight Mr. Clark needed to hear his Dad's voice. It was emotional.   Yes, Dad lifted his spirits. 
4-The thought of Kylie walking Papa Clark's walk. Those cutie cakes make life wonderful!
Talking to our son today. Mr. C was able to focus on what makes our lives so blessed. (OUR FAMILY)  Being reminded has made a difference in our day.
5- Cell phones,
Thankful for communication. Although mine is having issues, it only takes one of us to have a cell phone! We would never be able to survive our ordeal without being able to talk to our family. What a blessing.

Thankful for the simple and wonderful things on a day like today.
'nough said.

P.S. Mr. C is fevering now, please keep him in your prayers. XO

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