Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thankful Thursday: The Fistula Access is delayed.

This week has been filled with Fistula Access Training. We have NOT been looking forward to it. In fact Mr. Clark has been in denial about the whole thing since he had the surgery. I'm serious!
 All though it would mean less infections and 'A REAL SHOWER' for Mr. Clark... It's really about introducing once again something new and challenging that will just become our daily routine.

Just a part of life/dialysis.
 When I pass through the incenter for dialysis.  I have such empathy for them.

 You can see one line coming from his neck (that's his temporary port.) and the other line hooked into his arm. That's only half of the progress! The blood will come 'out'  but the access isn't large enough to let the blood back in. It's complicated. This pic. also shows his wrist is tied to the machine. He can't move his arm and he was so out of it (drugged and sleepy) he couldn't control moving it. This picture also shows. Mr. Clark is always in his *work blues (uniform) He is always between work. A hard working man that just keeps on workin' SO PROUD OF HIM. He has a lot of endurance for a man that could be on full disability.

Yes, Day 1 on Tuesday: Mr. C had a Fistula Sonogram. When they got in there, his upper vein didn't look so good.  Actually 90 % and  99% blocked vein which means--- The veins aren't developed yet to use for dialysis. They put a tube in to stretch it but it will take some time again to use it. It might even take a few more proceedures to stretch the vien. But we tried... Then we went for Fiscula training.  I have to add that for me---- It took a lot, a lot, a lot of courage to begin the process.  I tried to have my BIG GIRL PANTIES ON :)
This is the needle we have to use to poke his access. The guys at Mr. C's work said, "It's as big as a 16 penney nail" and it is! It's painful going in, but that's the least of our worries! Getting used to it coming out will taking some more courage. And soon it will be no big deal but for now it's frightening!

 Mr. Clark slept through the whole thing.
Day 2: Attempted again to use the Fiscula, BUT the 'word' is 4 more weeks before we can continue  and Mr. Clark will have to get some serious muscle training in to access his sight.

So for now: A TEMPORARY BREAK. Heavy sigh... SHEWWWwwwwwwwwwww For this I am THANKFUL!

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Janet's Journey said...

You are so brave and determined. I admire all you have to do! Keep up the great work and proving what real love is. Hug him often and enjoy being with him.