Sunday, October 14, 2012

I'm M.I A. -- Here's another update.

1-We were able to be with Kylie on her Baptism Day! 
2- Very exciting to be with Our Son and his Family. An exciting time for all of us.
All of the Kids.  
Jeff and Elyse. Jeff had to rush back to work. So GLAD he came to the most important event! It meant so much to all of us.
We were blessed to be with so many relatives. I can't express how important it was to us. Being away from you all makes it even more special to be with you. THANKYOU!
To all of those we missed seeing on our weekend. Hopefully we will be back at Christmas. HUGS.
As soon as we arrived home--- My favorite time of year happened
(Our church hears from it's Apostles and Prophet. An event that happens every 6 months.)
My battery is re-charged!
we started training on Mr. Clark's access... Again. AT HOME. The Nurse has came for the passed 2 weeks.
Yes, I'm doing it!
Clark will try again after it is established.
It's been terrifying.
I'm sure after I get a little experience it won't be so hard.
Blood bath's are not my fav!
The adrenaline rush is about wearing me out.
It will get better.
We are still Painting.
Just got the Laundry Room DONE.
here is a pic of another 'pinterest' project'
An old file cabinet.  
We have paint for the downstairs bathroom, master bedroom and the garage floor.
Hopefully we will be done for THANKSGIVING
I have invited my Brothers to Kansas.

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Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hello Sharon, Family time is the best . . . everyone looks good, happy too. It's nice to hear that you and Mr. Clark are enjoying life again. It always feels good to get things done around the house, especially when you are getting ready for the holidays. Like your hair, looks like you cut it. Take care and God Blessed, Sandy xo