Monday, July 1, 2013

Second trip to Utah

This trip back to Utah after two weeks break was a l-o-n-g drive. Thank goodness we had our Grand daughter for company. Well.. This trip was for business. It was a mix of pampering/night mare.
We had a wonderful time at Scofield Resevoir fishing with the Menloves. They even had a contest on who could catch the most fish. The fish were popping onto the lines and they all had a GREAT time.
    Until we got back to Huntington too late. Upset Gramps and the tension was thick. Especially when we tried to begin dialysis and  I realized that apparently I didn't pack so well.  First thing--after traveling 1400 miles I realized I left the cords to the dialysis machine back in Kansas. After a few melt downs, Terrence came to the rescue when he discovered that the machine could use computer cords. Problem solved and Mr. Clark did NOT have to take a trip to ER like we would have until the cords could be shipped. Shew. Our son, Terrence made me commit to making a spread sheet/check off list of supplies for our next trip.
     Our Fathers day weekend was spent at Gramps house. It was a relaxing time--once the drama was over. Linda made an AMAZING meal and we enjoyed the day.

On Monday, Mr. Clark spent the day working with Tyrel and Gramps and I spent the day shopping and lunch with our daughter Elyse. This was her only day off to spend just Mother and Daughter.
We spent the next three days in Salt Lake City at an conference for Mr. Clarks work.  And we felt so PAMPERED!
Wonderful event.
Our last day with family included Strawberry Day's with the Menloves, Jason and the Gilberts.
They NEVER miss any action!!!
So FUN!!!!

Mr. Clark is looking pretty wore down. Besides FREEZING.
He decided to go with Jason to the truck to get the heater on. It was so touching to see Jason and the rest of the crowd in our seating area assist him off the stands.  

The time with family was over. We said our "see ya later's" and headed to Huntington to say "see ya later" to Gramps. Yes, I went to start dialysis before we hit the road and.... I left the solution warmer in Lehi. :(   Tyrel, Danielle and Laura rescued me out of this mess. They hit the road and met to get the warmer. Shew. A nightmare for dialysis. Sure was exhausted traveling with it. Yet, So grateful we don't have to find a center to have it done. It's the good and bad of our routine.
Bet I get a trailor for the next journey to Utah!! All the supplies need to stay in one place!!!
So sad to go. So happy to be home. It's mixed emotions.

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Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Looks like so much fun. Thank you Jesus for the computer cords . . that's amazing, but that's how the Lord works. When God's in the house . . it's all good. Great pics . . . Mr. Clark looks so sweet in that pic. Blessings, xo