Friday, June 25, 2010


The kiddo's are all gone home.
My what a difference they make in our lives.
Mr. Clark says, "let's not talk about them being gone"
My morning routine and Monday of a new week,
a new chapter
is about to begin.
As I lay in bed after my morning scripture reading,
I pondered our lives path
Yes, life changed when Mr. Clark lost his eye sight.
Things were OK and we adjusted.
Normal began after the miracle that he could see again.
Sending him off to work again.
Just to watch him lace his work boots and drive to work is a marvel.
Doing the daily chores
A few trips to the store
even a little jaunt to J.C. Penney's
by myself.
It seems normal.
On Friday
We found out our lives will change again.
And after the tears.
And support of Family and Friends.
research and answered questions.
Mr. Clark is deep in thought.
Sad, and Concerned.
I'm trying to imagine how he feels.
We stare into each others eyes.
Trying to convey deep love for each other.
And we will have a new normal.
We will remain steadfast
Holding on to our Beliefs
And holding on to Faith.
God is mindful of our trials.
He will help us through our suffering.
We wouldn't want to go through this alone.
Treasuring the good moments.
Relying on Prayer, much Prayer
We our grateful for the miracle of Modern Technology
Often thinking about those who have went through the same experience.
To gain Strength.
It feels like we are living on borrowed time.
Isn't that life?
We will remain optimistic that he will feel good again.
We will adjust to Change
and make this time
Continuing to see the sunshine in each new day.

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