Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thankful Tuesday: a little bit of friendship

Today I am thankful for welcoming a new little baby to scrappin' day! It was fun to cuddle and kiss this precious little boy.
Makes me even more anxious for our new addition in our family to arrive!
Thankful to get back to the routine of friends surrounding me.
We had some catching up to do.
Enjoyed some good laughs. 
I am thankful for dear friends that remind me to have fun.
It was fun to put the cares of life aside for a minute,
to get a second wind.
I realize how important it is to have them in my life.
A great way to start the New Year.
For this bit of back to fun and the importance of friends
I am thankful.

For those important people I didn't get to hang out with.
You are missed and loved in my heart.

1 comment:

Bingham Family said...

I saw you post the event on facebook and I wished so badly that we lived closer together. I love crafty days :D Glad it went well and you had fun!