Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Melt downs, Ice Cream and Memories

 Ahhhhhhhhhh Just for Today I feel like BAWLING!
Yes, I should be cleaning my house.
But it has been a MELT DOWN DAY!
Flashing back memories of dear friends, Clarks Mom, and family members with heart aches.
Tears and more Tears
After a  phone call from Mr. Clark I decided today is just going to have to be a melt down day.
This was our conversation,
Mr. Clark: "Oh its earlier than I thought, I'm so sorry to call you while you're at work"
Me : "it's ok, it's ok. Is everything alright?"
Mr. Clark: "oh ya, I'm fine I just wanted to say, I LOVE YOU"

Now normally --wait a minute this type of phone conversation doesn't happen normally!

So I got emotional. Stepped out into the hall at school and
shedd tears.
I'm worried for him.
For this new road we are about to travel.
 for sure-  it's a melt down today.
So crying is just the way it is.
I know It'll be ok.
 We have to be couragous tomorrow.
Tomorrow is the Day Mr. Clark gets his port to get ready for dialysis. It's just a simple surgery but has a vast life changing meaning.
For us, it means-
It's real
His kidneys are toast.
I am Thankful that he is still beside me.
Thankful to hear those words,
Thankful for modern technology.
Thankful that
our love for each other is not taken for granted.
On melt down days I need ICE CREAM!
So when I got home today
I dished up two HUGE bowls of ICE CREAM

And on to preparing for tomorrow.

Today is Clark's Mothers Birthday. We are thinking of her today.
Oh, if she could just be with us  RIGHT NOW!
In spirit, I'm sure she is.
Thankful for memories of her.
 I am Thankful for Tears, Ice Cream, The man I love and
Memories of DeAnn.
On a positive note:
I am picking up my Brother Blair at the Airport tomorrow.
SO Blessed that he'll be with me.
For these things I AM THANKFUL


Britt's Clan said...

My tears are flowing today also. Give Clark a big hug and kiss and tell him I love him. I love you also and I will be thinking about both of you tomorrow. Lots of Love

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Dear Beautiful Friend, God is writing your story . . he knows exactly what the future holds for you . . . trust him . . it's all good believe or not. That peace he gives us so freely never leaves. lots of love and hugs to you kiddo, Sandy:O)

RikoSuave said...

You are in our prayers!

Ess said...

Oh Sharon,

You and Clark are in our prayers every night. Ministering angels are round about you, this I know. I am so glad your brother can be here for you. :0)

Meg said...

You and Mr. Clark are in our prayers-I have had a few friends lately that have gone through the dialysis thing.It will get better, but I understand all your anxieties. Your faith will pull you through- and it's okay to cry-really-it's healthy!!!