Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thankful Tuesday: Sweet Things that Inspire Me

Our Best Bites Inspires me. I have fond memories of waking up on Saturday Mornings to Blue Berry Muffins, Hard Boiled Eggs and Orange Juice. I LOVE BLUEBERRIES!
and this: someonesgottapay
And this too!  * Dejavu  I must be HUNGRY because this looks good too!Cheese cake Brownies, Mmmmm   Oh, I am looking for a stencil to paint on my bathroom. Kinda wanted a paisley for a 3" row up the center and extending to the cealing, (like a wide stripe) so this painted wallpaper is sorta what I'm looking for. One of my favorite Blogs to follow is Lei She is another one of those MULTI TALENTED people! She INSPIRES ME! Here is a dear friend I met while blogging. She is one of my GREATEST spiritual  supports. Thanks SandyO!  meet her here Sisters of Season. Here is another dear friends inspiration: Meet Meg. And of course Nie Have you ever met anyone that is always doing something fun and adventurous amongst adversity. Nie Inspires me!  They all make  LIFE WONDERFUL!
And .... HEADS UP ~ We are about to have a GRANDSON! Three weeks to go! We are counting the minutes! Can't wait to WELCOME this new little one into the world!  For THIS we are THANKFUL!


Marianne said...

OK, now you'be got me wanting to bake something and I don't have a kitchen at the moment! I can only use the microwave! And, by the way, frozen meals that you cook in the microwave are really yucky! The only thing I have liked so far is Marie Callender chicken pot pies that were really good. I'm looking forward to being able to cook some yummy things about the end of next week!
Have a great day and eat something good for me!

Lei said...

You are so sweet. Guess who's sitting next to me??? Elder Parente says hi. :) Love ya!

Anonymous said...

THanks for linking to my site!

Bingham Family said...

Love the links...you always find the best sites :D thanks for sharing!

Laura said...

Will you just come and do the baking for me? ha ha. I have so much to do to get ready for baby and that makes me want to procrastinate even more so that I put off the nessesary things and just bake instead.