Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thankful Tuesday: Our Memorable Valentines

Mr Clark and I spent our Valentines Day/ Night HERE:
More commonly known as WESTLEY MEDICAL CENTER. A VERY EXPENSIVE Day/night out. ROOM SERVICE exquisite! All cuddly on a TWIN air bed. On the 7th floor with a beautiful view of (not the beach) WICHITA!
Well this VALENTINES will be memorable!  It's only fitting that on this HEART day, Mr Clark's HEART remains STRONG. He  IS NOT drowning in fluid. Shew.... He was admitted with possible congestive heart failure.  After the test were done. No congestive heart failure. Maybe sleep apnoea or heart burn?  Medication was changed and hopefully he can sleep/breathe now in  more than just  standing up. The doctors decided NOT to start dialysis today. He would have had to put a shunt in his neck to do blood dialysis(yet another surgery). They felt he was stable enough to wait two weeks. Where he can continue with the peritoneal through the port already placed but still laying under the skin. Confusing? YES. Keep him in your prayers. We feel them! We feel BLESSED that everything is OK for now.
Our thoughts this weekend? -- Mr. Clark, "I'm worried I won't be here to see my Grandson be born", Me : " Well just think what a celebration it will be when you are here with your Grandson and all is well"
We'll take the good Valentines day's and the bad Valentines day's ~ together, for this we are THANKFUL.

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Meg said...

That was sad, and scary I'm Sure!!! Prayers are with you, Mr. Clark is keeping us on our knees, which is a great place to be... Stay well...PLEASE!!!