Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Reflecting on the GOOD 'OL DAYS

Mr. Clark actually wanted to JUMP IN! He is contemplating taking his LAST SWIM before dialysis. We found out that he can no longer swim until he gets a kidney transplant. Now Mr. Clark isn't an avid swimmer although he LOVES the water. Thank goodness last summer we swam to our hearts content! Today he was reflecting on the ' GOOD OL' DAYS when he was a water skier FANATIC! He was one of those that could solemn s/p? (that's with one ski) and ski right on to shore and stay standing! Oh the day's of our FAVORITE adventures of so many lakes. Among our favorite: LAKE POWELL!  We talked about how when some one tells you, you can 'no longer do something' although you haven't done it in years... All of the sudden you REALLY want to do it!
So this day was a good REFLECTING DAY!  For this we are THANKFUL!
and Yet again, another chapter in our lives begins.

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