Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thankful Tuesday: For Family

When ever We go and come home from a trip to see family...
It is the hardest thing adjusting to being without them all.

We had a wonderful vacation.
As always time was too short with them all.

 At last Daxton meets Pappa Clark and Grammie Sharon
 Big Sister with Daxton

Lil Sister and Daxton

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 Auntee Leesie with Daxton
 Yes, I'm a very PROUD Grammie!
 Pappa Clark and Daxton
 Who does Daxton Look like? Pappa Clark, so far!
Bath time

And now more BIG NEWS...
Our daughter is ENGAGED!
This is the rock!!

this pic is actually one of their first dates (2 yrs ago!)
The Bride and Groom to be...
The big day is JULY 16th

This is camping. Sorry I have very few pics!


Marianne said...

Great pictures of new baby and new bride to be! Congratulations!

Meg said...

Oh, so sweet...Grand babies & big diamonds!!! Hope you feel better soon. Nothing worse than grandkid withdrawls. Boo

Sherrie said...

Sharon and Clark!!! We are excited for you and all of your great family news. Thanks for posting the pictures. What a handsome little man! Glad you were able to come home and see them. We Love YOU ALL!!

Bingham Family said...

congrats all around :D