Friday, November 30, 2012


As the rolls were baking on Thanksgiving Day, I heard these words from my Brother who came and spent Thanksgiving with us. "Oh, It smells like home" To me, there NEVER could have been a better  compliment paid this Thanksgiving.
    While reminiscing over all of our memories, and a few tears. I truly miss 'HOME'. The place I grew up.  So blessed to have had the life we had.
     Such traditional memories. And they seemed to overflow all weekend.
     My Brother has been typing our Dad's letters he wrote and letters Dad recieved while in North Carolina serving a mission for our church. We really never knew our Grandfather, he died at an early age. He brought some of these letters with him to share. So to read his letters to his son was just so touching. I feel Heaven is not so far away. Loved this time with my brother. SO THANKFUL to have had him here with us.

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Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Thank you for the visit Sharon and kind comment. It sounds like Thanksgiving was especially "special this year" for you and your brother. I hear nothing but gratitude expressed in your posting. I too feel heaven is just around the corner, sooner than we think. Believe me as soon as I hear those horns, I'll be running there LOL! Blessings, xoxo