Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas 2012, New Years 2013 - At our house

This 'Real' Tree , I bought it the day AFTER Christmas. Wait a minute... Wal Mart gave it to me!! Yes, family was arriving on the 27th to celebrate. Our son Tyrel dispises fake Christmas trees so I did this to make his Christmas 'real' !! It was actually a touching moment when he walked in. Little things mean the most!!  It was worth it!!

Anticipating their arrival. and Dinner was waiting!

Our lil Dax enjoying dinner!

Clam Chowder and the 'Slush' tradition

Kylie Playing Dress up in her Great, Great Grandmas Dress and Hat.  (in the newly finished bedroom)

Tyrel and Danielle relaxing after a long trip.

Laura, she's totally SAD. She just recieved her first ticket in a speed trap. One of those that doesn't post the reduce speed clearly. Kinda ruined her trip. :(

Terrence just relaxing.

Ky playing dress up again. This is Aunt Leisies dress and another one of great, great Grandmas Hats

Madie( inAunt Leisies dress)  and Ky (in my dress) playing tea party

Dax playing 'dough boy with Uncle Homie

Dax playing with Aunt Danielle

Playing Games!

We love 'trouble'

a Tickle session!!

The girls playing in Pappa Clark's dialysis room
Cleaning the guns after their awesome Goose hunt. The girls went shopping. We all came home with new purses and the little girls came home with boots!

Deep frying the Goose in the garage!

New Years Eve fun!

Our Princess Madie Cake

Mr. Silly

Mr and Mrs Sleepy!

Hero celebrated too! He was a surprise to us. We didn't know he was coming. We were SO EXCITED!

Popping the New Year's  Confetti

Tooting his horn!

Mr and Mrs Exhausted!
(Don't know how this one got side ways?)

Maddie Cakes B-day a little early.

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