Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thankful Tuesday: Some 'HUNTING' Memories

Mt. Timpanogas. In Utah. (Pic stolen from my cousin) When I saw it I wanted to cry.
This mountain has significant meaning to me. As a child/youth we practically lived in this area. All of our family SUMMERS were spent camping and hiking in American Fork Canyon. I have hiked to the top of Timp. 9 times. I think its an 18 mile hike. My Dad and Brothers also spent a few Octobers HUNTING in this canyon. I remember one hunt in particular. I got to go. So my Mom packed us all a 'survival' treat bag. Honestly that's all I remember except for maybe a few hikes.  I remember the times when they brought a deer home and hung it in the ol' willow tree in the back yard.
Now when I got married. We were a whole lot more serious about hunting.
Mr. Clark's family made a big camping outing of the opening weekend of the deer hunts. With all of their friends and all of our friends and all the relatives.
I have no pictures...
I loved the brisk cold days. No matter the weather. Often SNOW.  When we all got up before dawn. and drove to our lookout. And enjoyed hot chocolate and goodies, often homemade cinnamon rolls or donuts. Waiting for the sun to come over the rise. 
It's fun to remember those times. I love to remember having my kids of all ages again.
I continued the tradition of my Mom. I packed a 'survival' goodie bag for each of my kids each time we went out hunting. It wasn't in Amercan Fork Canyon anymore. But the mountains of Huntington Canyon/East Mountain/Ferron/Skyview.
Some of my favorite memories were those of  chaining up and pushing through deep, deep, snow.
Getting stuck in the mud. The adrenaline of knowing we'd have meat in our freezer for another season.
Rolling out the oysters and crackers and beef jerky.
Coming back to camp at dark and eating hot chili and huddling around the camp fire.
Now every October we get the 'hunt' fever when the cooler temperatures kick in and we know we will miss yet another 'Opening Morning'.
It was more about being with family and friends then actually getting a deer.
And because we are away from family we really treasure these memories.

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Britt's Clan said...

LOVE this post!! I so miss camping with everyone. I LOVE that Terr went with my brother. I do miss it sooo much....:(