Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thankful Tuesday: STILL- Forgetting my Woes...

What good 'SERVICE'
does to my heart!
I have posted before about a friend of mine
that is another one of the  greatest examples of a serving person you'll meet.
Now this woman is a
Her undertaking?
A  lady in our church in the process of a divorce, has no place to go
Another lady  (who is an amazing person of service) in our church offered to put her up in a home that needed "a lot" of repair.
My friend organized help for the repair.
Our Youth Group has helped scrape paint off of the outside of the house.
While my friend has painted the entire outside.
Correction: Yesterday two little girls ages 9 and 10  and a 12 yr. old boy with celebro palsy helped with the painting of the back of the house!
Now she is working on the inside.
And a group of us went to help paint with her yesterday.
I have to include that this undertaking has been
 a HUGE family effort of the one who is donating the house to this woman to live in.
Which is another AMAZING story in it self...
It is heart warming to see the LOVE that is shown to a woman who has no where to go.
After having a week of
Woe is ME...
It felt good to get out and do something for someone else.

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