Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday: For the kids I work with.

A blessing to recognize how lucky I was to have the family I had. Both while a child and raising my own children.
 The teasing...
yes, the pinching the backs of my legs after being pinned down!
(Thanks Kent! Seriously... that was the worst of it!)
I love my Brothers!
I remember at age 7, packing my suitcase and running away( because I had to make my bed!).
I didn't even make it 20 ft. from our home because my suitcase was too heavy.
(I think my Dad came and carried it home for me!)
 I thought my life was so horrible!
Thankyou Mom and Dad
For giving me
such a WONDERFUL life filled with
Structure and Love.
A home where I was secure.
Thank you to our own kids,
who fought (like everyone else)
but continually show love to each other.
For the structure and security we had in our family.

Oh I wish the kids I am working with could have  it as horrible as I did!
I can't imagine
how much these kids experience.
My heart aches  for them.
Think of the worse possible scenario.
That's what I see everyday.
Prayers for each one of them.
For all the blessings of a good life I have had.
for Loving Parents.

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