Friday, April 27, 2012

Another Update:

Mr. Clark had his surgery today to remove his P.D Catheter in his stomach. His stomach looks like he just had a C section. Poor guy. We are in recovery mode again. All is well(except he is sick of pain). After 5 surgeries is 6 weeks... He is excited to be one step closer to being able to shower again!

This is the final phase to our FAREWELL to Fionia.

Here is our top 10 reasons to rejoice:

1- No more sugar HIGHS. Fionia was just to sweet for Mr. C's system.

2- Less Infections--YAY

3- No more Tally-  Tubing everywhere!

4- No more tied to a line for 10 hrs. 


Take those supplies AWAY!

5- YES, Less supplies (Fionia was a high maintenance machine)

6- No more Beeping all night when Fionia thought our eyes were closed

7- Goodbye to feeling BAD. We just didn't know how BAD it was until he started with nx stage hemo dialysis.  OH SO MUCH BETTER!

8-We won't miss Peritonitis.  That heart dropping sign of a cloudy bag.

9- No more emergency calls to the help line because Fionia was so temperamental.

10- No more watching the POTASSIUM as close. For Mr. Clark this means he can have potatoes and tomatoes.


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