Thursday, April 19, 2012

THANKFUL THURSDAY: Proud Picture Overload!!

This is the third time we've been with our lil Daxton. See how he is growing!  a little secret? the dishes on top of the piano so that lil monkey boy could get in the china cupboard all he wanted. Guess what? After we moved them he never opened the cupboard again!
We had a WONDERFUL time with the CUTIE CAKES! A wonderful distraction from our new routine!
We colored Eggs

Celebrated Easter

 and the  Easter Bunny even left tracks, which Lil' Daxton ate!

In between the fun we put our Son on a plane to go home. So blessed that he could come no matter how short the visit. Tears...

We laughed and laughed at Daxton playing

Our favorite part of the ZOO

This Lion wanted Daxton for lunch. In a quick second he leaped at the glass to nab him.

Cutie Cakes with their Mom!
Mowing the Lawn with Pappa

and playing!
a 3 hour trip to Kansas City

To Tour The Open House of the Kansas City Temple
Goodbyes :(
With a special reminder of how much love we get from our Cutie Cakes!

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Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Sharon, Hope all is well with you and Mr. Clark. The grandkids are absolutely adorable. Looks like so much fun too. Gee, I wonder if Grandma likes to spoil them :O) Great memories i bet. Have a Happy Friday kiddo, Sandy xo