Friday, July 27, 2012

Fabulous Friday...

Well I've missed a whole week of Thankful posts. It's been a  L-O-N-G  busy week.
The whole update is just depressing so I will focus on the *positive!
 1- TOMATO HEAVEN- I positively and thankfully made 6 quarts of Spaghetti Sauce. Canning is so exhausting and messy and SO REWARDING.
2- Salsa- oh my, Gotta love fresh Salsa. Is there any thing better then GARDEN FRESH TOMATO'S? So blessed to reap the rewards of a dear friends beautiful garden!

3- Apples, Apples, Apples-- Who can turn down apples? Made a homemade Apple pie and bottling Apple Pie filling when my clear jel comes in the mail! Got the recipe here:Skip to my Lou: Apple Pie filling Of course I've been PINNING! :)
4- Planted some rose bushes,  peonies, a butterfly bush and --   and grass, lots and lots of new grass. It's so fun to see them flourish in the Kansas heat/drought. Not looking forward to my water bill...
5- Miniature Golfing with my friends daughter while they were out of town.
6- Watched a few movies
7- Read a book
8- Got a new phone! Yes I'm learning to play angry birds. A good distraction during dialysis access  training this week. (shhhhh we are not talking about it )  Then My son and his wife sent me adorable covers for the new phone! A nice surprise!
AND I didn't even mention the drama.... It was enough to send me over the edge... But I caught a limb and got myself right back up. ALL IS WELL!
Meetings start for school and August is almost here. Our daughter is coming out to see us soon. Besides the horror of going back to work, can't wait until September. We'll be kissing on our Kids/Grand kids then!
Glad it's fabulous Friday. SHEW! HAPPY WEEKEND!

P.S I lost 20 lbs. and honestly you can't even tell. Other then I can breath a little easier w/o my stomach resting on my air way!  Maybe the next 10 you'll be more recognizable?


Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Post some pics of the new you kiddo . . Hope this week is going much better:O) xo

Sharon said...

LOL! I asked my friend who see's me often. "So can you see any difference" and she said, "your back rolls are not there anymore!" I have NOT changed a size YET! Sure pics to follow in about 10 more pounds. SHhhhhhhhhh I'm now in the 170's. Yes I nearly capped the 200 mark. SCARY!