Thursday, September 2, 2010


It is our Aunt Sherrons birthday! Aunt Sherron has been more like a Mom to me. She took us under her wing the second we moved to Emery County. She has been of service to us through out our lives. She has always made an extra effort to do special things for each one of us. I still have the many christmas poems, stories and 12 days of Christmas she did for us. She was taxi driver, sick day mom, and support of everything the kids ever did. From Ballet to football. Many, Many meals etc. She has been of so much service to the community, her church and extended family. Her life has been dedicated to others. She NEVER STOPS! She is INVOLVED in EVERYTHING She lives for it. We love her and appreciate the special person she has been in our lives. WE LOVE YOU AUNT SHERRON!

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