Sunday, July 11, 2010

God Bless you my Friend

I was gone from blogging just a few days. It is crazy how life can change in a moment. While I am cuddling over our daughter, My blogger friend lost her sweetheart. Words can't describe how sad I am for her. We have had a great time building our friendship through blogging. She is like a Sister, my friend. We have had a few things in common. One being our husbands struggle with the effects of diabetes. So her loss has really hit home to me, with Mr. Clark traveling the same difficult road. But for my friend it was a complete shock. And I think... what would I do in her shoes? Mr. Clark and I have talked this over together and try to prepare for the what if 's but no one can understand until it happens to them. I know she is STRONG in her faith and this will help comfort her. I know Prayers are POWERFUL and I am praying for her. I know she would do the same for me. My heart aches for my friend. Although Faith and Memories console us, the day's ahead will be the most challenging. Prayers for my friend. I am here now and always.

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Jill Walker said...

I'm back!

You are the best Sharon. The Lord has blessed you with such a tender heart full of love and compassion!