Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Missed the Pic.

A Reflection of my Mom. ( a crochet tableclothe she couldn't finish) The basket it is sitting in is a very, very old basket. My Mom cherished it.
I missed the PIC...
I can't believe it and today I am kicking myself.
My beautiful Aunt Jill and Uncle Don
and Cousin Jon
Stopped by my house yesterday.
(From Washington State)
for both My Auntie and I
It had been 12 years
Twelve years since my Mom passed Away
My Mom passed away on Auntie Jills Birthday :(
And My Aunt (who has an amazing voice)
Sang at her funeral.
It wasn't just an ordinary song.
Michael McLeans "Together Forever"
It was a song that My Mother picked,
and requested that Aunt Jill sing it.
It was words expressing My Moms "GOODBYES"
My Aunt had an incredible challenge.
Conveying her message without emotion.
Now in our family.
We are a crying bunch!
So she asked my husband
Mr. Clark
to give her a Priesthood Blessing
of courage.
and then the moment came.
Aunt Jill turned from the crowd and paused.
She then turned around and sang the song Perfectly.
It was the most amazing moment of my Moms funeral.
And we knew it was a blessing from Heaven.
My Mom said, "GOODBYE"
My Auntie is the most SPECIAL person you'll ever meet.
I have wonderful childhood memories of her.
She lived close by for a while.
She was the FUN Aunt.
That invested her time in us kids.
She has always had a special place in my heart.
So seeing her yesterday was a HAPPY REUNION.
We had many tears!
A lot of reflections of My Mom
And it's wonderful to spend memories with her.
She is so much like my Mom.
It felt like my Mom was standing by my side.
It was a much needed moment!
Thankyou, My Auntie


Lyle & Britt said...

Oh my Goodness, make me cry! How special glad you got to see her and reflect so many memories! Hope all is well Love you!!

Erin said...

Hi there - Thanks so much for adding me to your blog list! I'm thrilled!!!