Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Enlightenment

I love when the "LIGHT" is turned on and I get the
OH WOW, Moment
I have been seriously studying the Old Testament
There are so many AMAZING Women
in the scriptures.
One being The story of the widow women
in 1Kings 17:7-16
A story I've known all my life,
yet this week it struck me differently.
What Faith and Obedience
Could I have walked in her shoes?
If someone said to you,
feed me before you feed your starving child, that you thought would soon die?
WOW, and when she fed the Prophet (it doesn't say she knew he was a Prophet.)
she did not run out of food.
Not only did she not run out of food but later when her son became sick and near death and the Prophet Elijah brought him back to life.
Her Blessings of Faith.
What more would a Mother want then God to help look out for her children because of her faith.
I've seen the blessing of 'having an abundance' because of service.
This sacrifice she had was a true test of faith.
I love studying the scriptures.
I believe it helps keep our focus on whats important.
I love the promise that if we read them daily
we will have hope and courage in our daily battles
along with no fear of whats to come.
I often think of the time in history when people died for a copy of the Bible.
I am thankful for this gift now.
I won't take it for granted.
It makes a difference to me and my family.
ps... secret?

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