Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Woah- It's Wednesday!

Passed Thankful Tuesday. So, WOAH its WEDNESDAY--been a BUSY WEEK. Sent Elyse back to Utah on Monday. Many Tears. Its so hard to see the kids go back to their homes. We've been so lucky that our kids have been able to take the time to come out to visit us. We hung out with my friends children while she traveled to girls camp. We always have a party! They woop on me in the game TROUBLE and UNO! Bubbles, movies and catching grass hoppers! Last night I dreamt Mr. K let them loose in the basement! We had a fun day! We've had the Jiles over for dinner everynight. They are waiting for their daughter/sister to get back from girls camp so that has kept us entertained! Thursday, Mr. Clark and I are going to Oklahoma to "Girls Camp" (for our church) for the night and then bringing the girls home. Pics to follow. THANKFUL FOR A BUSY WEEK! Our house is too QUIET without company!

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