Monday, August 2, 2010

Wishin' I could blog about nothing...

Another tragedy in our circle of friends. Prayers for Destiny's family. Heart breaking that her Father passed away. Has it ever been a hard summer for family and friends. It's has been tragic for so many of my dear friends. I am wishin' I could be blogging about the sunny day's and mowing the lawn, or the joy of eating corn on cob until I'm sick and cookie dough. For my dearest friends the world has stopped. Again on Sunday, studying the stories in the bible. This week about Eliza and Elisha, I wanted to cry uncontrollably. Oh wait a minute, I did. Especially when we sang the song "I NEED THEE EVERY HOUR" in church, I couldn't get through it this week. Thinking of those who have lost their fathers/husbands and knowing that they would be pleading to God to 'stand thou near by' and remembering sitting next to my own Father 1 week before his heart surgery. He was telling me if something happened to him, he was ready to die. I remember weeping telling him not to leave me. So in the scriptures when Elisha was pleading for his father not to go. I feel I understand. It's something when the death of someones loved ones makes you reflect on a similar experience. Prayers for my friends right now. We all have our own grief. No one can know what each individual faces. Thank goodness for the knowledge that Heaven is real, we will see our loved ones again. Thank goodness we have had people in our lives that we LOVE so much. What a blessing.

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