Friday, August 13, 2010

My Shredding Party

Woo Hoo! So far 2 file boxes complete! 3 to Go-
I took the"Prepared Not Scared" challenge! It is 'THROW AWAY 20 THINGS A DAY" challenge! This was stacked in my walk-in closet. --One bin is "My file" Yes, I am 'the most unorganized person' when it comes to Filing... oh wait a minute--- ok, I am a unorganized person!
This is the box of stuff to be shredded. Doesn't look like a huge amount? WRONG, I took the day yesterday and SHREDDED what I could. Seriously I NEED A MATCH! and I need to promise myself I will shred daily when the mail comes in. I shred anything with our name on it. Soooooooo I throw all of the dumb advertisements in this -to shred box. Yesterday, I also shredded old medical records, very old... and saved perscription reciepts and... the list goes on. But--- I filled the box again after going through the file. And this time, I am going to either go to Mr. Clarks office to use their massive shredder or take it to a place that shredds things by the pound. Either way... I'm a getting through this "CLUTTER"! Pics to follow!
****This is the guest bedroom so the clutter can stay there just one more day!
Where oh where is the?
I've been looking for that how long?
What in the World was I thinkin'?
1- Weight Watchers slider? - in the Polaris registration File?
2- My recipe for fruit slush? in the taxes File?
UPDATE: This is not a fun party. After a full 2 days (actually all week) going through the dreaded papers--- you couldn't tell if I'm making progress...
OK minimal progress. My children will thank me when I die!
Just tell them, "IT COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE"
Oh I don't even want to think about the recipe box... or the picture boxes. If I can't be found? Pretty sure I'm buried in the guest bedroom :(
PS I'm great at throwing things away! Just not organizing the left overs...

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Laura said...

But doesn't it feel amazing? I love throwing things away!