Friday, December 3, 2010

#5- Treasured Memories at Christmas- "the 12 days of Service" (re-post)

It was December of 1996. Our family had spent most of Oct. through Feb. at the Provo Hospital where my father had complications after 5 bypass surgery. He Stayed there until his passing, so our days were pretty much spent 'hangin' out in the hospital. On top of that I had 'issues' and was also in ICU in the Provo Hospital after flat lining for 4 minutes due to a reaction to an angeogram. So it was not a very good December. During this crazy time A very special couple decided that our Family needed a little boost. They began the "12 Day's of Christmas" Our families spirit was lightened. And these 12 day gifts were not ordinary. They had went above and beyond simple gifts. We will never forget the service that couple gave to us that year. We had many more 'Angels among Us' that year. Meals, House Cleaning, Laundry Service, Others running the kids to school events etc. The treasured gifts of Christmas that year was definitely SERVICE. It will never be forgotten.

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Robert and Heather in Hawaii said...

I love reading about your past Christmas memories. They are really uplifting to read. Thanks for sharing some holiday cheer!