Monday, December 20, 2010

Memories at Christmas: Sledding

  Whenever I see an old sleigh I reflect back to the good ol' days' as a child.  I have so many memories of sledding. We had some awesome locations  that become tradition to take our sleds every winter. One was at the ball park next to our home because it had some seriously steep hills. And Tracy's Hill.  The memory that stands out the most to me is when my Dad would take us up American Fork Canyon. Mom and Dad had an old 69 station wagon.  Dad would hook a rope onto the sleds and down the mountain road we went. The funnest part was while waiting our turn sitting in the back seat of the station wagon. The seat was turned backwards so it was fun to sit and watch. We were so fortunate not to get hurt. Holy Cow did we ever have fun! Then a new reservoir was built I think it was called "Tibble Fork Reservoir" We would often sled down the hills and onto the ice. When Mr Clark and I  had our own children we resorted to the toboggan pulled by a four wheel drive. (an older post) Usually Uncle Bobs ol
 black truck. and then our  Ol' black truck that we got from Uncle Dan.  Over the bumps and through the fields at Grandmothers place we did play! Such good memories.

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Meg said...

I remember that story too...only in a different state. lol Funny how all us 70's kids did the same things...that's why we are all so well rounded.
Hope everything is going good for your fam.
Merry Christmas to You!!!