Friday, December 31, 2010

In This Decade:

In This Decade:
I'm only highlighting the BEST!
I could predict the weather after ear surgery.
I only say that was the best because I could hear again! and we had a few laughs over my predictions!
Mr. Clark enjoyed a year of Fishing and Hunting
We still had  ALL our kids at home
Things were quiet
Terrence Graduated from High School
Elyse is Miss Cleveland
we come together as a Nation
Tyrel is managing KFC in Salt Lake City
Terrence goes to SL to help him and also gets some valuable part time work in directly with Neil Savage
Elyse is still on her toes
she performs a ballet to Faith Hills "There You'll be"
In Memory of Grandpa Baker
( a proud Mom moment for me)
Our Son  Tyrel went to New York City for 2 yrs to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Our Son  Terrence married his Best Friends in the Manti Temple. Marriage was performed by Laura's Grandfather
Terrence lands an awesome Job and they make their first home in Colorado and he starts school with the University of Phoenix
Our First Grand child was born
It's a Girl
Elyse a Senior. Still excelling in Ballet and taking a Course at the College.
My second  near death experience since 1996
Happy to still be on this earth!
A magical  moment at the airport when Tyrel returned from New York
Elyse graduated from High School
She moves to Colorado.
We moved to Louisiana and I had the house of my dreams in the neighborhood of my dreams!
We survive Hurricane Katrina
Elyse moves back to Utah works  at a factory welding. She graduates from Provo College and goes to work for a Dentist in Spanish Fork
Our son Tyrel gets married to a girl PERFECT for him!
They get married in the Manti Temple and buy their first home and move to Price.
Terrence and Laura and Kylie
live with us.
He transfers to University of Phoenix in Baton Rouge.
Terrence transfers to work with Mr. Clark.
(what an awesome time.They both loved it)
Grumpy Gramps and Jason fly out for Thanksgiving  and we take Gramps to Florida to see the Atlantic Ocean.
Everyone comes to Louisiana for Christmas
Our 2nd Grand Daughter is Born
Terrence and Laura move to Logan, Ut
to further Terr's education at Utah State University.
We moved to Kansas.
We have missionaries in our home.
a Senior Couple.
The Albaughs
Mr. Clark has a miracle.
He kept his toe!
Elyse starts school at Utah State University to be a Dental Hygienist
No more ballet for her. Her new love is in dancing ballroom.
I ran/walked my first race!
Was able to attend the marriages of my Niece and Nephew
We have 4 missionaries living with us at one time.
Terrence has escapes death after being electrocuted  and after a horrifying year, miracles happen for their little family.
Mr. Clark is called to the Branch Presidency
Miracles happen with Clark's Health
I go back to work in Special Education.
Tyrel goes back to School at  an extension of Utah State Univeristy CEU and will graduate in 2011 with his associates.  Danielle gets a full time positon at Division of Wildlife.
Elyse gets her own apartment
(no more room mates) 
We get news we are having a GRANDSON!

We are looking forward to another 10 years of MEMORIES!


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Em and Ms said...

Wow! It's amazing to look back and see how much has happened to your family. I didn't know most of it happened--so it was especially fun for me to read. Obviously you all have been very blessed, despite great challenges.