Friday, December 3, 2010

#6 Treasured Memories at Christmas- Anonymous Giving (re-post)

While living most of our lives in Utah we lived in a awesome little rural town. One of the many good things that came from working at the little town store was the good towns people and neighbors I got to know from working there. Also the needs that came up within the community.
It began our own tradition every year of "OUR SECRET SEARCH" for the family (or families) who we would do Christmas for that year. WE-- I am talking my best friend-Nita, Nita's Family)Deann and Mac(Clarks Mom&Dad) and Our family. For a particular family we gathered a list, divided it up and the had the Kids deliver it. Most of the time it was Tandy, Lacey and Jake. We also had Santa Grandpa or Tyrel, Terrence and Elyse. This one particular year we had a 'TRUCK LOAD' of items. We delivered it and among the items was a pillow, with a homemade Christmas pillow case for each member of the family. It wasn't until the next day that I realized in the back of the truck was one of the pillows. Being in such a hurry, we missed one. Which meant another anonymous trip. How do you explain that "oops we missed one" You know driving without the lights on, sneaking back etc. for one pillow.
The hardest thing about all of the secret deliveries we made through the years was that we never knew what the family thought about it. Only the good feeling of just giving. And the gift of service that carries on to our children. The secret acts still continue today. An awesome treasure of memories for the rest of our lives.

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Terrence said...

I can't wait till we can afford to do that some day. Terrence is such a generous person and I think things like this are the main influencial factors in that. Thank you for the wonderful things you taught him. I sure am lucky to be married to him. And...being a part of your family is such a bonus;)