Monday, December 13, 2010

Memories of Mrs. Christmas

Today is the day 18 years ago that Clark's Mother DeAnn passed away.  She lovingly put her arm around her husband and went to sleep only to wake up in Heaven. She died of a blood clot after knee surgery.
I've recounted this story before. WE REMEMBER her love and devotion to her family. There has been no one in this world like her. She took care of us all. This Christmas She had everything all neatly wrapped. Even Dinner in the freezer for our Family get together on Christmas day. She knew she was going to be laid up after surgery, so everything had to be prepared.
Now, I could tell you that she had Christmas prepared every year by August! This particular year especially. Wrapped and placed perfectly under the tree.  She loved Christmas. Her gifts were always so thoughtful for every person.
 We joked that she got the noisiest gifts to send home and drive us (parents) all bonkers! I can still see her giggle when we looked at her cross eyed when the kids opened the trucks with the back up beeps and the loud engine running or the machine guns or the Heman swords that screeched when you hit someone!
Christmas in 1996 was especially hard when we all opened our gifts knowing that we would never have this time with her again. She made wonderful memories for us.

 She would dress up like Mrs. Claus and do Christmas for the less fortunate. She was a very special person. We miss her so much. So especially in December we are reminded of Dear Mrs. Christmas, oh how we miss her and love her. This year and every year she would want us to have the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!! Spread the happiness she shared with everyone this time of year. Making it always a goal. She wouldn't want it any other way.


Em and Ms said...

This was so neat. I miss Aunt DeAnn too. She was a special lady.

Britt's Clan said...

Oh Sharon GREAT POST. I had Such a hard time yesterday...They played wind beneath my wings at the funeral and that is Grandmas song from me...I totally lost it...This post is a great tribute. Your AWESOME thanks.